Farewell from the Haemophilia Nurse Poet!

40 years ago, Trish Bell began her training as a nurse, eventually moving in to the role of ‘haemophilia specialist nurse’…and also becoming known as the Haemophilia Nurse Poet! Those of you who have attended HNA in the past will fondly remember Trish’s recitals which quickly became a staple for the meeting! Unfortunately, we were unable to come together for HNA 2020 this year, but thankfully we were able to capture Trish’s farewell to the haemophilia nursing community! Haemnet and the HNA wish Trish all the best for the future and thank her for her contribution to the bleeding disorders community over the years.

Trish will also be running a triathlon at the end of this month, fundraising for The Haemophilia Society UK. You can donate to Trish’s fundraising page here: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/TrishBell 



My Legacy


“For those of you who do not know it

I am the Haemophilia Nurses’ poet,

I have attended HNA

And stood up and had my say,

I’ve annually shared a little ditty

I’ve tried to make them fun and witty,

And now here is a personal update

Of how things for me have been of late,

Because for the NHS, I’m no longer hired

I have in fact become retired,

I’ve reconnected with my sewing machine

And made scrubs for nurses in blue and green

I’m loving  open water swimming in rivers

I’m wary of hazards like cold and shivers.


But I’d like to extol my legacy

Professional achievements down to me,

My first little ode about Haemtrack was made

Into a poster, – in national haemophilia centres displayed.

I’ve raised money for The Haemophilia Society,

And thank those who have kindly sponsored me,

For that a mile swim in The Serpentine

On a glorious day so sunny and fine.

I’m also a Roald Dahl Marvellous Nurse

(Important to acknowledge in this verse),

A crowning moment of all for me

Meeting Camilla to adorn her Christmas tree,

For my invited child with his daddy, I have to say

It was like being king for a day,

In Clarence House I had a glass of champagne

Oh how I wish we could do it again.


I’ve improved the service becoming a nurse prescriber

For which I thank my supervisor,

The “Essentials of Care “course such a treat

Based at The Royal Free hospital and Great Ormond Street.


The “Advancing Haemophilia Care” course in Sheffield

A nursing practice advancement for the service did yield,

In the shape of a nurse-led initiative

A clinic – to patients, my knowledge I could give.


A national achievement for which I can glow

Is passing on the local initiative “Ready Steady Go”,

To improve for young adults their journey of transition

I presented this to colleagues – I was on a mission.


Twice I’ve been a research study investigator

First SoFit, then CARES – which came a bit later,

When SoFit came to Southampton

My first time as PI – it was rather fun,

I chose children carefully, whom I thought it suited

Their parents consented and their children, recruited,

Their gift (a secret) at the end

A shopping voucher for them to spend.

The second study, again principal investigator

The results of which, to be published later,

The CARES study led me to understand a lot more

For carriers, some of the secrets they bore,

Like how they felt passing on this condition

It added to my knowledge, empathy, intuition.


Last year I took part in a Peer review

A centre to visit to measure and view ,

Good practice to highlight, improvements to make

The warm welcome, the staff, yummy chocolate cake.


Just one more thing I had the opportunity to do

Last year to Belfast, over the sea I flew,

I was a speaker at the Irish Haemophilia Society meeting

They were so friendly, and warm was their greeting,

I dedicated the talk to my Irish mother

A special woman like no other,

And then Saturday evening so fine with finesse

I seem to remember whiskey and ice-cold Guinness!


In December I held Christmas party number nine

And everybody told me they had a good time

I’ve loved hosting this for the bleeding disorder community

And again thank my friends for sponsoring me,

Charlie the Clown came for an hour and a half

To do magic tricks and make us all laugh,


So now I believe it’s time to say cheerio

As now I really have to go

So all that left is to say farewell

From the clever, inimitable marvellicious Trish Bell



If you’re disappointed there’s no twist at the end of this rhyme

I’m starting a new role in a couple of weeks time!”