ASPIRE is a personal and leadership development programme for members of the haemophilia care team.

ASPIRE is for those members of the haemophilia team …

… who aspire to … lead and influence change in haemophilia

… who want to … influence a wide range of people

… who see themselves … as the leaders of the future

… who are … committed to their own personal development

It is designed and sponsored by Haemnet and the Haemophilia Nurses Association.

Why we are doing it

Haemophilia treatment and care continues to evolve and development of the people who will lead changes in practice is central to this programme. Leadership is a core element of our Transforming Transition programme, as is supporting development of future focused haemophilia services.

What we’re planning to do

We work with groups of 6-8 participants and the programme runs for 8-9 months. The programme comprises workshops, facilitated action learning and coaching, during which participants explore ‘leading self’, ‘leading others’ and ‘leading service change’.

ASPIRE has three workshop modules, following each workshop there are “action learning” meetings and a coaching session is offered to each individual at the end of the programme; used to identify and focus on their continuing professional development.

We undertake a formal review of the programme content and materials to help us refine future programmes.

Participants’ commitment

Those who sign up to the course do so in the full expectation of attending each of the planned meetings and engaging fully in the programme. They are also asked to commit to a personal contribution to leadership and development of haemophilia following the course.

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