Haemnet specialises in research and education within haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders.

Haemnet specialises in research and education within haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders.

Haemnet works with healthcare professionals, patient communities, industry and other key stakeholders.

We produce educational content, deliver bespoke training and conduct in-depth qualitative research into the lived experience of people affected by bleeding disorders.

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From facilitating workshops, speaking in symposia through to conducting qualitative research and training healthcare professionals, Haemnet has established a strong presence in the world of bleeding disorders. Our specialist team of medical writers, facilitators, trainers and communication experts are ready to make your work sing... Interested? Let's talk!

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Our Services

Education and training

Haemnet offers a range of bespoke training programmes, each designed to support professionals at different points in their careers.

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We conduct in-depth qualitative, patient-focused research providing crucial insight in to the lived experience of bleeding disorders.

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Stakeholder engagement

Haemnet creates and facilitates opportunities for all stakeholders to contribute their insights. From HCPs and industry to patients and carers, everyone has a voice that needs to be heard.

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Content creation

Research reports, scientific publications, articles, videos and animations…these are just a few examples of the content Haemnet produces.

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Stay up to date

There’s a lot going on in the world of bleeding disorders at the moment. It keeps us busy, and that’s how we like it! Whether attending a community conference, working on a new research project or publishing a new article, we are often busy working on something.

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The Haemnet Community

The Haemnet Community is an online forum designed specifically for nurses, physios and other healthcare professionals working within bleeding disorders. It offers a private platform for HCPs to share knowledge and seek advice in a safe and secure environment. Join the Haemnet community and benefit from the advice and knowledge of your peers.

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The Journal of Haemophilia Practice

The Journal of Haemophilia Practice (JHP) is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that accepts papers from all members of the multidisciplinary bleeding disorders care team. The journal was established by Haemnet in 2014 and is published by De Gruyters.

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