About Us

Our story

Haemnet began as an online professional network for the nurses and health care professionals who manage people with haemophilia and inherited bleeding disorders. Before Haemnet, when a haemophilia nurse needed advice or encountered a “difficult-to-manage” patient, he or she would phone a friend for advice. Now, those conversations also take place on Haemnet with more voices contributing, to the benefit of the whole community. What began as a UK-initiative quickly spread across the worldwide haemophilia community: now more than 550 nurses and physiotherapists from around the world are registered on Haemnet, along with a growing number of psychologists and social workers.

Growing the community

In 2013, in response to the views of members of the Haemophilia Nurses Association, Haemnet became a registered charity with the aim of providing education and collaborative research opportunities for all members of the haemophilia multidisciplinary care team.

Haemnet supports a vibrant and interactive community of nurses, physiotherapists and allied health care professionals sharing knowledge, experiences and engaging in research that enables people affected by bleeding disorders to live well.

A platform for continuous learning

Haemnet continues to run the annual HNA conference alongside a growing number of haemophilia-specific and professional development courses. These courses are the result of listening to members in the context of the future of haemophilia care and identifying areas for development. These include:                  

  • The Contemporary Care of People with Bleeding Disorders, a three-day residential training course for health care professionals.
  • ASPIRE, a 6-8 month leadership development programme.

Day-to-day management of Haemnet is the responsibility of Mike Holland (Director) with strategic development support from Sandra Dodgson.

The Journal of Haemophilia Practice

The outputs and outcomes of our projects are shared with practitioners on the Haemnet website and through The Journal of Haemophilia Practice. Haemnet launched this open-access, online journal for haemophilia care professionals in 2014, and has published over 100 articles in this time.

The journal is currently supported by charitable donations from Sobi, CSL Behring, Octapharma, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk and Grifols.


The charity is overseen by the Board of Trustees.