Chris goes the extra mile for her patients

Congratulations to Chris Loran, Haemophilia Nurse Manager at the Arthur Bloom Haemophilia Centre, who’s work for patients was recognised last week.

Chris submitted a poster to the Cardiff and Value University Health Board Specialist Services Clinical Board celebration event. In it she gave details of a project to provide virtual clinics for bleeding disorder patients.

Chris said she was surprised and very happy to have been named the overall winner. She said the project covered half of Wales, stretching as far as Aberystwyth, and had meant many patients avoiding journeys of more than 150 miles for a 15 minute appointment in Cardiff.

She explained: “Patients get a letter telling them the date and time of a phone call for us to go through questions to check they are ok.

“One gentleman I telephoned was a farmer up in mid-Wales. He was actually sitting on his tractor, so he switched off the engine and we went through the questions for the review. I asked him afterwards ‘how was that? Would you rather come to the clinic next time?’, he said that was ‘amazing and saved me so much time and saved me having to come down to Cardiff.’”

Further details on the project and event (together with a video interview) are available on the Trust’s website. Maybe we’ll get to see the poster at HNA meeting in Birmingham on 3/4 March 2017.