Trees and next year’s Snippety Bits

Last year, Haemophilia published a paper entitled “Why don’t haemophilia nurses do research?” Based on an HNA survey from a few years ago it explored the systemic, professional and personal barriers that prevented haemophilia nurses from doing one of the things that is fundamental to the CNS role.

Funding is one of the barriers mentioned in the article, but getting ethical approval was another.

The authors (ok, yes, I was one of them) also noted that Haemnet had been formed as a forum in which nurses could come together to collaborate and promote their own research initiatives.

At the recent HNA conference it was clear that many nurses were keen on getting involved in research. If you were there, you may member signing your name on one of those trees at the back of the room. Well, it wasn’t just an empty exercise – we kept those trees and know exactly who wants to do what. And now it’s payback time.

On Haemnet a few days ago we posted a request for people to join a project team for a collaborative nurse-led research project. We have an outline project for the team to refine, and experts within the community with experience in grant applications (we’ve already identified sources), dealing with ethics committees and getting published. Already we’ve had nurses (quite literally) the length of the country, from Scotland, through the Midlands down to London and the southwest wanting to get involved and lead the project.

We believe that embarking on this collaborative approach to research we can make haemophilia nursing a force to be reckoned with in haemophilia care. Watch this space for details on our progress on this and the other initiatives that came out of our meeting in Oxford.


Khair K, Holland M, Vidler V, Loran C, Harrington C. Why don’t haemophilia nurses do research? Haemophilia 2012; 18(4): 540-3.

Mike Holland founded Haemnet and SixVibe. He is a medical writer, editor and event organiser – find him at Google+ or Driftwood.