Trish lights up Princess’s Christmas tree

Decorating the tree is often a problem when you live in a massive old town house in the centre of London. This year, the lucky residents of Clarence House were able to call upon expert help from specialist nurses and the families they help.

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall is patron of the Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which funds a number of specialist nurse posts, including that of our very own Trish Bell from Southampton.

“Last week I was invited by the Roald Dahl Marvellous Children’s Charity to go to Clarence House and decorate the tree,” writes Trish. “I brought a young man with me and his dad, and we were given five-star accommodation the night before in a hotel kindly donated to the charity. We then met at The Dorchester before going to Clarence House. We met HRH Duchess of Cornwall, placed some decs on the tree then the children sat at the table and she served them lunch. It was a truly magical occasion.”

You can find pictures of the event on the Hello, Daily Mail and IslandEcho websites as well the Clarence House Facebook pages. But we asked Trish to share her recollections of the day in verse – which is, after all, no less than HNA members would expect from our resident poet. Take it away Trish!


Let’s begin by saying at the start of this verse

I’m a Roald Dahl Marvellous Children’s nurse

The charity years ago funded the role

And now it’s me – body and soul

I enjoy the support from day to day

In a scrumdiddlyumptious kind of way

But a special request was made of me

To help decorate a Royal tree

And for this wonderlicious activity

A parent and child for company

And so I looked to the Isle of Wight

The family said yes – I thought they might

And so last week to London we went

To The Stafford hotel is where we were sent

For some five-star hospitality

Oh wow did this really happen to me?

The following day we met our group

We really were an elegant troop

At The Dorchester hotel darling, don’t you know?

This lifestyle really on me could grow.

Then off in a bus to Clarence House

To meet Prince Charles’ lovely spouse

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall welcomed us there

After she descended the sweeping stair

She greeted us all in a personal way

Handshakes and smiles – what a day

The children then chose a special decoration

To dress the tree with ornamentation

Helped by a Welsh Guard whose name was Jack

He looked so smart in red and black

And of him our group all did accord

To place an ornament with his sword

On the tree, he did bestow

With skill and dexterity – what a show.

We then were given yummy food

For lunch as we’d been extra good

Soon it was time to say goodbye

How fast the magical time went by

We gave the Duchess a splendiferous bouquet

Before we went upon our way

And so I’m blessed with memories

Some children, a Duchess and Christmas trees

How lucky I was to attend this event

And so much, for the parent and the child it meant

To represent Nursing – what a privilege

And something I’ll remember as long as I live.


(No Trish, we can’t hold the next HNA meeting at the Dorchester!)