The HNA Terms of Reference (July 2018)


The Haemophilia Nurses Association (HNA) is a specialist group representing nurses who care for patients with bleeding disorders in the UK and Ireland.

Membership is open to any nurse within the UK and Ireland who works principally with patients with bleeding disorders, whether providing direct care or engaging in research.

The HNA provides nurses with peer support and the opportunity to share information and develop best practice. The HNA works in affiliation with Haemnet, a registered charity that supports health and social care professionals to ensure that excellent care becomes an everyday experience for people with bleeding disorders. Haemnet provides education, undertake research and drive service innovation.

The HNA will:

  • Provide a support network for nurses working with bleeding disorder patients.
  • Develop and share evidence based practice.
  • Encourage nurses to engage in research and to develop innovative approaches to patient care.
  • Collaborate with other professional, statutory and voluntary groups to provide high quality care for patients with bleeding disorders.
  • Provide haemophilia nursing representation on multi-disciplinary national bodies and working groups.
  • Provide an expert national resource and spokesperson for other groups seeking information or advice about bleeding disorder patients.
  • Provide the opportunity for nurses working with people with bleeding disorders to meet, to network and to increase their knowledge and skills and so enhance their practice.



The HNA is led by a seven-member executive committee elected by members. The committee responsibilities are:

  • To lead and champion new projects/work
  • To represent members’ views
  • To organise an annual conference and AGM
  • To liaise with other organisations on matters relating to bleeding disorders
  • To organise elections
  • To secure sufficient income to cover all running costs.

Additional members may be co-opted as required. The committee elects a Chairman, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary. as needed for a limited period, but with no voting rights on other committee issues. Committee members will hold office for a period of 3 years, with the option of being re-elected for a further three-year period. One to three committee members will step down every three years to allow for new members to join the committee. This will enable all members to share the experience and bring innovative ideas to the committee.

The committee will meet approximately 3 to 4 times per year, at a central location to minimise travel expenses. Committee members unable to travel will be invited to join meetings by teleconference, whenever possible. The presence of four members will make a meeting quorate.

The committee will be accountable to members for its work and will provide feedback on its activities to the annual general meeting. It will:

  • Operate in an open and honest manner
  • Make minutes of committee meetings available when necessary
  • Provide Terms of Reference, which will be reviewed every three years. Any changes are to be put forward to HNA members for agreement.

The committee shall nominate representatives from the steering committee or the wider membership to attend other appropriate advisory bodies, such as the UKHCDO Advisory Panel and working parties.



The HNA does not hold a bank account and historically HNA funds have been held by third-party organisations. This is because HNA committee members have been reluctant to assume the risk that is implied in forming a company or charity. Therefore, HNA funds are managed by Haemnet, a registered charity (registered charity 1152241) that includes HNA members as trustees.

Haemnet manages the HNA’s annual conference, collecting and holding funds in order to ensure the continuation of the HNA and its activities. Should the HNA committee decide, with the backing of a majority of its members, to become a charity or other corporate entity in its own right and to assume legal and financial responsibility for its own affairs, or to pass on management of its affairs to another third-party, then it may terminate the current agreement with Haemnet. Haemnet will transfer outstanding funds as agreed.



HNA holds an annual meeting that is intended primarily as an educational opportunity for HNA members. Where possible, the costs of attending are to be kept to a reasonable level in order to ensure that as many nurses as possible are able to attend. The level of the delegate fee is set each year by the Executive Committee.

Haemnet secures sponsorship for the annual meeting from the pharmaceutical industry. The opportunity to support the annual meeting is to be extended equally to all companies.

The Executive Committee has agreed that Haemnet will use sponsorship funds to meet the costs of the annual meeting; any additional funds will be used to achieve its charitable aims. Delegate fees will be spent at the discretion of the HNA Executive Committee to cover all expenses associated with committee work/meetings, and any other bursaries and research activities awarded by HNA.

Where HNA offers bursaries and awards for research/innovative projects, all members will be invited to apply, and grants will be awarded through a transparent process following appropriate deliberation by an awards committee.



All HNA members of this group will be bound by the same confidentiality rules that are required of all NHS employees. All members will behave in accordance with NMC code of conduct. Both HNA and Haemnet will operate within the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations.