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At a time of rapid treatment developments and advances in care, understanding and measuring the lived experience of people affected by bleeding disorders is ever more important.

We combine quantitative and qualitative approaches to conduct, patient and family-focused mixed methods research that provides crucial insight in to the impact of treatment interventions on living with a bleeding disorder. We are uniquely positioned to conduct such research through collaborative efforts between our expert researchers, patient and community advocates. Throughout our experience conducting studies, we have witnessed the passion and desire of community members to contribute to research. We have harnessed this energy to create a community of individuals committed to driving research in bleeding disorders. This enables us to collect data through 1-2-1 interviews, focus groups and detailed surveys.

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Community engagement

The bleeding disorders community is a melting pot of ideas and experiences.

People with bleeding disorders, carers, advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, industry partners… everyone has a voice that needs to be heard. Haemnet creates and facilitates opportunities for all stakeholders to contribute their insights. From steering groups and focus groups to publications in The Journal of Haemophilia Practice, we are committed to providing platforms for people in the community to share their knowledge and experience.

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Digital media

Research reports, scientific publications, articles, videos and animations…these are just a few examples of the content Haemnet produces.

We do a lot of “boots on the ground” work, from training programmes to research projects, but we understand the importance of creating tangible and engaging content in order to share our findings with the community.

From creating educational animations and compelling short-films, to community focus articles and conference publications, we create content for all areas of the bleeding disorders community.

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