Haemophilia Kenya

Today I did a clinic for 30 boys with haemophilia in Nairobi. 26 haemophilia A, 2vwd and 2 brothers with haemophilia B, the oldest of whom was given a dose of FIX when he had nearly bled to death and repeated doses of FVIII hadn’t stopped his bleeding! Who needs a Sysmex analyser???

Most boys had significant joint disease – main target joint being the left knee – shows how UK boys are getting ankle problems related to sport, the were very few ankle bleeds here. One boy walked for 3 hours to get here for treatment of a knee bleed, we had some factor but more importantly we also had crutches, so lent him some to get home more easily.

A humbling experience, rationing factor to those in most needs as only 30,000 iu (which I brought with me) – they have had NO factor at all since July , some FFP. If you have any returns I know a place that will use it willingly.