Month: June 2018

June 23, 2018
NHS will pay for treatment with emicizumab

NHS England has announced that the NHS will pay for treatment with emicizumab and susoctocog alfa, among several innovative therapies assessed by its Clinical Priorities Advisory Group. Emicizumab is among the new interventions considered to have ‘a very low overall budget impact or were cost neutral or cost saving’. It will now be routinely commissioned …

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Gene therapy begins final trial stage

Pfizer and its biotech partner Spark Therapeutics have announced the beginning of a Phase III trial of their gene therapy for haemophilia B, fidanacogene elaparvovec. Actually, it’s the pre-beginning phase because this step is a structured evaluation of the efficacy and safety of current factor IX prophylaxis in the usual care setting. The aim is …

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Novel treatment for joint pain shows promise

Pfizer has been working with Lilly on the development of a novel treatment for pain, recently announcing positive results in patients with pain associated with osteoarthritis. Tanezumab is a monoclonal antibody that blocks nerve growth factor (NGF), levels of which are increased by injury, inflammation and in chronic pain. The latest data come from a …

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