February 20, 2019

EHC announces first conference on women and rare bleeding disorders

The European Health Consortium (EHC) has announced that its first European Women & Bleeding Disorders Conference will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 24th– 26th. The programme will cover issues in genetics, management of heavy menstrual bleeding, family planning, everyday coping, anaemia, oral care, impact on quality of life and pregnancy. Online registration is at http://registration.exordo.com/ehcwbd2019/users/login.

The EHC has published the second issue of its Novel treatments in haemophilia and other bleeding disorders, with updates on research on EHL factors, gene therapy, inhibitor treatment and therapies for rare disorders. The review is available online at https://www.ehc.eu/wp-content/uploads/EHC-New-Product-Newsletter-2019-Issue-1-FINAL.pdf.