April 9, 2019

Erectile dysfunction common in men with haemophilia

More than one third of men with haemophilia report symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction, a Canadian study has found (Haemophilia 2019;25:283-288).

Men with haemophilia A or B who were attending a single treatment centre were invited to complete a questionnaire to detect risk factors for erectile dysfunction and to undergo standard physiological tests. Of 56 men approached, 44 (79%) completed the questionnaire (12 couldn’t do so because they’d had no sexual partner within the previous 4 weeks).

Thirty-nine percent of respondents recorded a score consistent with erectile dysfunction; this was moderately severe in just under 18% and severe in 16%. Erectile dysfunction was more frequent with older age but did not correlate with factor level or endothelial function, suggesting no link with atherosclerotic disease in these men. There was a trend for erectile dysfunction to be more frequent with more severe haemophilia but this was not statistically significant.