December 10, 2018

Kinetic profiling might not reduce joint bleeds in patients with arthropathy

People with haemophilia A who take FVIII prophylaxis can benefit from optimising their dose by pharmacokinetic profiling, especially if they also switch from a conventional FVIII to one with an extended half life (EHL).

A recent study involving 39 people who underwent profiling, of whom 20 agreed to modify their treatment, confirmed that profiling was associated with a reduction in the annualised bleeding rate and annualised joint bleeding rate (Thromb Res 2019;173:79-84). This was associated with longer times spent with factor levels above 1% or 5%. However, the benefit was statistically significant only among those who switched to an EHL product. Further, the reduction in annualised joint bleeding rate was not statistically significant in individuals with end stage arthropathy.